Web subscription – Why?

At OsloNAP, we do web development. However, we are different. We believe that a website just likes your business, it is not finished after the first stage. As an entrepreneur, you have started your company and kept working and improving the business performance. You cannot predict what is happening in the future. The new business tools and goals can appear during operation. And you need to be ready for that. That is what we do with our customers.

We have seen many other websites developed once then outdated. It leads to security holes on your websites. Or you simply don’t know about its performance. You have a website, but don’t use as an effective business tool.

Now, we deliver you a new solution. Each WordPress development contract is not one-time payment anymore. The new model is web subscription. The contract is valid in 12 months at least. Within that time, we work closely with customers for developing their website, monitoring statistics with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and keeping optimizing the performance.

Included in the contract is a hosting account with premium features on our cloud systems:

  • CDN-ready.
  • Cluster, failed-over DNS.
  • Advanced antispam filters (both incoming and outgoing).
  • Daily, off-site data backup.

You are working hard for increasing your business performance. We do the same for your websites. You can be sure that your online communication channel is running 24/7 smoothly, you just need to spend time on your business and get more profits. That is the purpose of our web subscription program.

Contact us today, and we can start optimizing your business.

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