Hosted antispam

internet spam virus

A simple question

  • How many spam messages do you have everyday?

More detailed questions

  • How many hours do you need to process spam messages everyday?
  • How does it affect to your owned working performance, your staff performance and your business performance?
  • Have you ever lost business data because of computer virus?
  • How do you protect your business from spam, virus from the Internet?

Combining SpamExperts technology and high availability infrastructures in USA and Asia, OsloNAP brings you a cloud-based hosted antispam solution. As it’s hosted on our infrastructures, you don’t need to spend anything on your server, don’t need to install, maintain the software. We do all installations and update spam, virus databases every day. You will have clean inboxes, more focused on running business to get more profits. In addition, our subscription model is based on each domain name, not based on number of mailboxes. That helps you to save cost, especially when your business is growing fast.

oslonap hosted antispam

Our hosted antispam is already included by default for all web subscription customers, who are also utilizing OsloNAP’s secure hosting infrastructures. Drop us an email if you want to have a custom plan for your needs.

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