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No doubt, we love WordPress. We develop all websites with WordPress and Genesis framework. Not only we do the initial development, but we also keep working with happy customers for further development with our WordPress subscription model. OsloNAP means up-to-date business websites.

Why WordPress?

  • The first reason is the easy-to-use feature. Our customers are entrepreneurs who want to focus on their business, not on managing technical stuff. We help them to minimize their website management time.
  • WordPress is powerful. Starting as a content management system with the main purpose of a blog, WordPress nowadays is more than a blog. You can easily find out big websites with million visits built based on WordPress. We bring the power to your online business.
  • WordPress is open source. That means people can find out security holes faster. Automattic with expert developers over the world are working on WordPress around the clock, make sure to patch any security hole as fast as possible. We don’t risk our customers.

Why Genesis?

  • Once again, security. We keep security seriously. Genesis framework is audit frequently, every new and existing feature, which makes it be one of the most secure WordPress frameworks.
  • Search engine friendly. Any SEO expert knows the importance of a clean code. Doing SEO means that you need to optimize from the back-end code, not only the front-end. You have that ready with Genesis.

At OsloNAP, we team up with different developers that we find suitable for each project. That allows us to deliver the results fast but still secure based on each customer’s needs.

Any other feature?

Of course, again, we do not stop after the first phase. Your websites will be hosted on our managed cloud system, with 99,99% or longer uptime on the Internet. In addition, unlike other WordPress hosting service, we do host your email inboxes with our advanced antispam filters. Moreover, we keep monitoring your website performance with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and our internal audit tools. The included maintenance tasks are:

  • Security updates: any new security patch, new release of WordPress, plugins, themes, we will take care of.
  • On-going optimization: through results from our audit tools, we can keep working on your website to make sure it is running smoothly.
  • Monthly reports: you will have reports about how your site works every month. It also includes our suggestions that can help to improve the website performance. If you are running ads on your website, we suggest having reports more frequently. There is an extra fee for it, however. Drop us an email for further discussion.

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