Secure hosting

Every day, we read about a data breach appearing in the news. Data were lost. And interruptions happen in multiple data centers. Customers could not connect to their vendors. That ruins business reputations. Do you want it happen to your business?

secure hosting

We do not. Either your business or ours. That’s why we have built secure, high-availability web hosting infrastructures in different continents: Asia, Europe, and North America. All facilities are built based on TierIII standards with multi-homed networks, multiple power sources that make sure everything backed up. Combining the latest technologies, OsloNAP brings customers a secure hosting system with high availability features.

  • Multiple power sources including UPS, different three-phase sources from different districts, monthly-checked generators.
  • Multi-homed network blends from TierI and TierII upstream.
  • Networks in networks separate public and private connections to maximize the performance.
  • Isolated hosting environment with CloudLinux OS and CageFS to prevent local hack as well as preventing other attacks.
  • Bootless technologies with Ksplice and KernelCare for kernel security patching.
  • Failed-over DNS offers 100% DNS service uptime.
  • Raid10 disk array systems with daily backups to different backup devices.
  • Ongoing firewall updates with custom rules and audits.
  • One-minute monitoring from internal nodes and multiple external locations over the world.
  • Advanced antispam with clustering and failed-over systems.

All of those features guarantee your business have a secure hosting environment with the highest uptime. The best part is that all of them are included in our web subscription model.

Ready for starting? Let us know today.

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