Content ownership

content ownership

Today, I received an email from a potential customer asking about content ownership when a website is developed by us, and hosted on our server infrastructure. Here is the answer. Pham Consulting is a Norwegian firm, and in Norway, we consider the data security seriously, especially the copyright and the intellectual property. That’s why we … Read more

G suite inbox zero with labels and filters

G suite inbox zero

What is G suite inbox zero? Inbox Zero is a rigorous approach to email management aimed at keeping the inbox empty — or almost empty — at all times. This article shows how to organize your inbox when using email in G suite. This technique can also apply to free Gmail accounts. However, as … Read more

Visual Editor in WordPress 4.7

WordPress visual editor TinyMCE

In the newest release, there is a small change that might affect to editors. The developers decided to remove Underline and Justify buttons in visual editor in WordPress 4.7. The reasons behind are: Underlining makes people confused with the normal links. Justifying makes text look ugly and difficult to read some cases. Ok, let’s look more details. … Read more

Sucuri hacked report Q2/2016

Sucuri hacked report Q2/2016

Sucuri is a security company, focusing on protecting open source websites. OsloNAP has been utilizing Sucuri’s database for our malware daily checking. Every quarter, Sucuri releases a report about hacked situations, based on the sites they worked on. In the Sucuri hacked report Q2/2016, in over 9000 sites, the major is still WordPress. This confirms … Read more

Images optimization

images optimization

The need of images optimization Obviously, images are important to any website. An image can say more than a thousand words. In SEO on-page technique, the alternative text of each image plays a vital role. However, many people still upload large pictures that leads to slow loading websites. A 1 second delay in page response can result in … Read more

Divmob – a secure hosting case study

divmob -secure hosting

Divmob is a Vietnamese startup, focusing on game development. Established in 2012, with supporting from Google team, Divmob’s games earn high reviews on Google Play with millions of downloads. First time when I met Luyen, the founder of Divmob, he was still studying in France. At that time, he already wanted to produce mobile apps. … Read more

Malicious emails: how to avoid virus and spam?

Two weeks antispam result

Seasonal malicious emails. This time, every year is the high time for spam. There are many good promotions for Christmas and New Year events. Also, there are many malicious emails delivered into inboxes. Unfortunately, not all people know about this problem. That means they can click on the included links, open attached files, and be … Read more