Divmob – a secure hosting case study

divmob -secure hosting

Divmob is a Vietnamese startup, focusing on game development. Established in 2012, with supporting from Google team, Divmob’s games earn high reviews on Google Play with millions of downloads. First time when I met Luyen, the founder of Divmob, he was still studying in France. At that time, he already wanted to produce mobile apps. … Read more

Malicious emails: how to avoid virus and spam?

Two weeks antispam result

Seasonal malicious emails. This time, every year is the high time for spam. There are many good promotions for Christmas and New Year events. Also, there are many malicious emails delivered into inboxes. Unfortunately, not all people know about this problem. That means they can click on the included links, open attached files, and be … Read more

WordPress security patches

WordPress security statistics 2015

Back to April 2013, the latest WordPress major release was 3.5. When I checked the WordPress statistics, there were only 28.4% websites using WordPress 3.5. That meaned 72.6% websites contained WordPress security holes without patched, not counting to errors in themes and plugins. That was also equal to 46 million WordPress-websites in danger. I asked … Read more