Genesis 2.5 beta-1

Genesis 2.5 beta

Still, it’s the first beta release, but it looks like a big release of Genesis framework. New filters with the expanding of markup API. I love them. It’s much easier to keep the structure. In this release, Genesis will separate several markups such as post and page widgets, adding more markups. It will make my life easier … Read more

Remove query strings from static resources for better SEO

Remove query strings

Usually, you can hear people talking about the pretty URL when converting default URLs, such as /?p=1, to search engine friendly links, like /your-post-name/. That we can configure with permalinks in WordPress (and don’t worry, as our customers, we already configured that for you when we initiated the site). However, WordPress also adds version information into … Read more

Optimization: child theme style loading

child theme css

Quick question: how to do child theme style file loading correctly? If you are searching on WordPress, you will mostly get answers of using wp_enqueue_scripts. If you need to load parent styles too, as I usually do, you will need to call wp_enqueue_style twice, once for parent and once for child theme styles. [div class=”notes”] Pay … Read more

Shortcodes in text widgets

WordPress shortcode

Shortcode in WordPress gives both programmers and users flexibilities. Combining shortcodes and widgets, coders can have less code in their theme, plugin. Calling shortcodes with different parameters helps users using code easier. However, there are some issues that I have seen many people facing to. 1. Shortcodes by default do not run in text widgets. … Read more

WordPress security patches

WordPress security statistics 2015

Back to April 2013, the latest WordPress major release was 3.5. When I checked the WordPress statistics, there were only 28.4% websites using WordPress 3.5. That meaned 72.6% websites contained WordPress security holes without patched, not counting to errors in themes and plugins. That was also equal to 46 million WordPress-websites in danger. I asked … Read more

Yahoo mail & DMARC

Yahoo changed their DMARC policy They have added “p=reject” DMARC record into domain. Basically, all messages sending from an email with, but not from Yahoo’s servers, will be bounced. While this policy can help Yahoo reducing amount of phishing emails from domain, it might bring trouble to website owners when they are … Read more