SSL by default from now on

When I started this WordPress development business, only customers using development plan 2 or above can have free SSL for their sites. However, as I wrote in the insecure SSL icon post, https now is one of the first factors when Google considers to add any content into its database. It is not a must, but really a useful factor, especially for a new website of a new business. That´s why I decided to integrate SSL for free for all my customers.

The migration started from the beginning of the last month. Some of the customers were already informed, and today, all the sites have been migrated to SSL successfully. The SSL certificates will be renewed automatically, so you don´t need to worry about that. Again, it´s free for life.

During the time I migrated websites, there is another post from Sucuri about new non-https sites. Following their investigation, the websites contained login pages or password input fields that were not being delivered over HTTPS can be blacklisted by Google. It looks like that Google continues to ask all the owners to install SSL on their websites, especially for membership or e-commerce websites.

So from now on, SSL will be installed by default before we deliver websites to you. It´s free, included in monthly service cost, so you don´t need to worry about extra expenses for your company. Just enjoy the business, and earn more profit for your firm.

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