Content ownership

Today, I received an email from a potential customer asking about content ownership when a website is developed by us, and hosted on our server infrastructure. Here is the answer.

Pham Consulting is a Norwegian firm, and in Norway, we consider the data security seriously, especially the copyright and the intellectual property. That’s why we have updated the Privacy Policy, pointing out clearly that we do not own the content on customers’ websites.

Customers own and are in responsibilities for all digital content, including music, images, video, text… on their websites. Pham Consulting only provides infrastructure and services.

That explains:

  1. Customers are the only owners of the content on their websites. Pham Consulting does not interfere with their content ownership.
  2. Pham Consulting only provides infrastructure for hosting servers and development services. While we do updating tasks for customers based on their requests, all the content are prepared by clients first.

If you have any concern about our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at We shall be glad to answer in details.

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