We now accept Vipps payments

From today, OsloNAP is also accepting Vipps payments. Even it’s mostly for Norwegian, Vipps is very popular. Up to now, there are more than 2 millions users, considering the fact that there are 5.2 millions residents in Norway. If you are in Norway, having a Norwegian mobile number, you can use Vipps. It will connect to your bank account, then you can send and receive money from that.

[div class=”reference”]For paying to OsloNAP, please send your payments to number 101130. That is our unique business Vipps number.[end-div]

So, here are the payment methods that OsloNAP is using:

  • Bank transfer to our DnB bank account: 1503.90.08308
  • Credit card processing by Stripe.
  • Vipps number: 101130

The bank transfer and Vipps methods are also included in the bottom of each invoice. You can choose. Enjoy the business, and make sure to let me know if you have any issue that needs our WordPress Consulting service 🙂

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