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Effective Date: This Privacy Policy was last updated on October 04, 2017.


As a business, we take privacy policy seriously. We will protect the personal information of customers on all our owned domain names. When customers access and use our websites, these mean they confirm and accept the conditions and terms of Pham Consulting. If not, please do not access our sites, nor use our services.

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Such changes, modifications, additions or deletions shall be effective immediately upon posting online at this location. We, however, will let customers know via email about the changes on site.


  1. When you are accessing our websites, we will record general information: domain name, IP address, URLs, etc., where lead customers visit our websites. The time customers stay on each page is recorded too for using and improving our websites efficiently. We use Google Analytics for this function.
  2. Protecting children’s right is an important thing, so we never collect or maintain the information on the website if we know they are under 18. We do not design any parts on the web with engaging content for the eighteen-year-old teenagers.teenager policy
  3. When giving private information to Pham Consulting, customers must accept the data can be transmitted or handled in another country without information protection, included:
    • Full name, address, email, telephone, fax (if any).
    • Name of delegated person for registration if the party is an organization, association or a business. Name, address, email, telephone, fax of the administrator as well as the technical manager.
    • Any information involved in the domain name registered can appear on Whois data. We will use the email provided by customers to confirm online registering service.
  4. We will not sell or give our customer’s private information to anyone unless:
    • Customers allow sharing information.
    • Need to share customer’s information when providing services or products asked by clients.
    • Having a request from the court, government’s offices to provide the information.
    • We detect that customer’s website broke the above terms or our rules of providing service/product information.
  5. Customers own and are in responsibilities for all digital content, including music, images, video, text… on their websites. Customers are also the owners of their domain names, either registered by Pham Consulting or not. Pham Consulting only provides infrastructure and related services.
  6. We do provide some information to our service partners for operating the services. For example, when you pay your invoices, your credit card information will be sent to our payment gateway partner for processing.
  7. Cookies: we enable to set up and access “Cookies” on customer’s computer.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the practices of our websites, please contact us via email Thank you.

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