Malicious emails: how to avoid virus and spam?

Seasonal malicious emails.

This time, every year is the high time for spam. There are many good promotions for Christmas and New Year events. Also, there are many malicious emails delivered into inboxes. Unfortunately, not all people know about this problem. That means they can click on the included links, open attached files, and be infected by dangerous viruses or spam ware.

  1. So, firstly, please be careful and protect yourself from virus, spam.
    Pay attention to any link in the email body. Many times, you might see a familiar name in From field, but the included links are unsafe.
  2. Secondly, again, do not click anything if you are not sure. Besides, do not open any attached file if it is not from a trusted source.
  3. Update the anti-spam, antivirus software on your computer.

Those steps can help you not to be infected from spam messages in your inbox.

Is there any better way to protect me from those malicious emails?

Or how can I get rid of them those malicious messages before they reach your inbox? The short answer is yes. At OsloNAP, we setup a firewall cluster in front of your mail servers, filtering 99% virus, spam messages. You only receive legitimate emails.

A good antispam filter protects you from malicious emails

Here is an example from a new customer:

  • Total incoming messages: 3360.
  • Not spam emails: only 431.

That is the result of two weeks using our anti-spam service. Imagine how safe you are now, how many hours that you can save for dealing with spam.

Want to find out how much spam we can protect for you, drop us a messages at now.

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