Divmob – a secure hosting case study

Divmob is a Vietnamese startup, focusing on game development. Established in 2012, with supporting from Google team, Divmob’s games earn high reviews on Google Play with millions of downloads.

divmob - secure hosting

First time when I met Luyen, the founder of Divmob, he was still studying in France. At that time, he already wanted to produce mobile apps. I introduced him to another client, who was looking for a coder for developing their securities product on Android platform. And we have kept contact until now. In 2012, when Luyen decided to come back to Vietnam and created his owned company, he asked me to host for his company website. Since then, I have seen that Divmob has been growing fast. From a small web hosting account, now Divmob has multiple servers in our secure hosting environment, both in Vietnam and USA.

The need for a stable hosting platform

Game hosting is tricky. It is not using too much bandwidth as files hosting, but it requires low latency. That needs a good, stable hosting platform which can keep happy players connected all the time. When the company is located in Vietnam, where the server systems should be setup. Which network upstream can Divmob use? That’s when OsloNAP consults.

Multiple servers locations with premium networks.

Based on VietNAP infrastructure since 2004, OsloNAP can set up servers in three locations: Asia – Vietnam, North America – USA and Europe – Germany. In each facility, we utilize premium networks including NTT, PCCW, Level(3), Telia Sonera with direct connections to local IX – Internet Exchange – hubs on 10Gbps lines. That setup guarantees for Divmob customers can have one of the best networks with low latencies over the world.

Why OsloNAP’s secure hosting?

As a CEO, I want to have a stable platform for my company development. As a regular person, I would like to spend time with my family. I know I can have that when using OsloNAP services for our server platform.

Even Luyen still lists his company as a small firm, he has the capability to hire IT guys for managing servers. However, he trusts OsloNAP’s services. All Divmob’s servers are running and managed inside OsloNAP’s facilities. In fact, with our long-term relationship, Luyen can:

  • Save his time on human resource management.
  • Pay less than salaries for experienced IT managers.
  • And focus all his effort on the developing teams, doing what they are achieving well: developing games.

From that, of course, he can earn more money while having more time with his family.

Expanding for the future.

Recently, we have discussed the facilities expanding for Divmob. Due to the rise of the user numbers, Divmob needs not only standalone servers but also clustering systems. New servers and network equipment have been deploying, ready for Divmob’s happy customers.