Genesis 2.5 beta-1

Genesis 2.5 beta

Still, it’s the first beta release, but it looks like a big release of Genesis framework. New filters with the expanding of markup API. I love them. It’s much easier to keep the structure. In this release, Genesis will separate several markups such as post and page widgets, adding more markups. It will make my life easier when doing customizing websites.

In addition, will switch to https. Remember the insecure SSL icon? Even in the current version of Genesis, the insecure icon is not an issue, and they still keep http version for a while. Some data on website is still in http, for example, so unless they convert all to https, both versions are still working fine. However, this shows that Genesis is preparing for the future already.

I am going to try Genesis 2.5 beta 1 on the testing site soon. Just exciting 🙂

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