Rewriting the search URL

By default, when you are searching something on a WordPress-based website, the result link will be It’s always there, even you saved Permalink in Settings. So you might want to rewrite it.

For a recent customer, I also faced a similar issue which requires me to rewrite the URLs. The customer needs to have several pages with custom post types, then paginating.

Frank Bültge already wrote a post about rewriting the search URL. You can read it here. And again, because my customer needs to use custom post types, I needed to make some other rewriting rules. So combining with Frank’s code snippet, my actual code is:



Now when someone searches on their site, the search result URL is with corporate as the keyword. The next page is and so on. You can see it’s applied to the new rule #2 in my code. It is working well with multi languages websites. For example, I am using Polylang with English and Vietnamese.

Do you have another better option? Please share!


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