Antispam: Google or not

I had a quick chat yesterday with a new friend, who has been running a web design company for more than ten years. Email is very important to him and his customers. At first, he had many troubles with spam. Then he moved to Google platform, and he is happy now. Google acquired Postini in 2007 and started to integrate that antispam service into their email platform, to make it better. Of course, it is a good solution.

However, there are still people who don’t want to use Google platform, or it costs too much to them. Currently, Google doesn’t provide free option anymore. The business solution starts from $5 / month per user. They list many features, but most of them are free already: Google Documents, Google Drive, Gmail, etc. So, the actual charge is for spam filters. Imagine how much it costs when your business is growing.

Another disadvantage in using Google platform is that you cannot check the server log. If something is abnormal happening at their end, you don’t know the reason unless they publish it. Are you willing to make international calls to Google support team when you need their help? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Google platform is unstable, but from a technical view, I always want to control what I can. The fact is that I can check and fix errors, if existed, quickly when I have control on our servers.

Google or not, I guess it depends on each person point of view. However, nothing prevents you to try our hosted antispam. Contact us for antispam trial today for a trial account in seven days. You will see the difference, that I can assure.

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