Outdated source code

outdated source code

We just finished upgrading PHP for a client from version 5.3 to 5.6. Even they had sent out notifications to their customers in advanced, multiple websites were not working after upgrading. The reason is that of outdated source code, which is incompatible with PHP version 5.6. There are reasons for PHP to change their core functions: … Read more

Domain name registration

Domain name registration

Domain name registration would be the first step, which an entrepreneur should do for starting an online business. It is a unique address that entrepreneur should reserve on the Internet. What is an Internet domain name & domain name registration Following the definition from Wikipedia, a domain name is an identification string that defines a … Read more

Fundamental course about services for websites


Working with entrepreneurs gives me many lessons. A lot of questions have been raised. That makes me think about a fundamental course for entrepreneurs about the services for websites of their business, related to their online brands. There is some basic information about those services that entrepreneurs should know. It would help them to choose … Read more

Web subscription – Why?

effectuation business

At OsloNAP, we do web development. However, we are different. We believe that a website just likes your business, it is not finished after the first stage. As an entrepreneur, you have started your company and kept working and improving the business performance. You cannot predict what is happening in the future. The new business … Read more

Glibc security – Ghost – CVE-2015-0235

ghost glibc security

Recently, a new vulnerability in glibc security has been published. Even it is happening in a system library, hacker can use end-user application to crack servers. There is a system library, named glibc, widely used in Linux distributions such as Redhat / CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu. Two functions, gethostbyname and gethostbyname2, in that library have vulnerabilities that … Read more

Automated tasks for productivity and data security improvement

Earlier of this week, Apple released its first automatic security update for Mac users to patch the vulnerability in OSX connected to the network time protocol (NTP). A cloud survey report from KPMG (2014) shows that executives feel implementing the cloud has helped them improve business performance (73%) and improve levels of service automation (72%). … Read more

Yahoo mail & DMARC

Yahoo changed their DMARC policy They have added “p=reject” DMARC record into yahoo.com domain. Basically, all messages sending from an email with yahoo.com, but not from Yahoo’s servers, will be bounced. While this policy can help Yahoo reducing amount of phishing emails from yahoo.com domain, it might bring trouble to website owners when they are … Read more