Email spam troubles?

I never publish my personal email address on the Internet. However, most of the email spam are aiming directly to that inbox, not a general one. The company is also new, just more than one year, but receiving a lot of spam recently.

Email spam statistics

In the last three months, the total incoming messages we got in our domain is 55.958. In that, 51.949 messages are spam, and six messages contain viruses. That equals to 93% incoming messages are spam, useless and harmful.

saas anti spam statistics

Should we stop using email?

Many people are frustrating with email spam. They want to shut down their inboxes. However, they still need to maintain. Why? Because email is always a valuable tool, especially for small businesses. Email marketing is a cheap, targeted tool for introducing your business to potential customers. Email combining with helpdesk is an active supporting channel 24/7.

So, the answer to above question is definitely NO. We can still use email as a business tool. We just need to protect our inbox from spam and virus.

SaaS anti spam solutions

A SaaS anti spam system will be acting as a guard on your gate. It will stop spam and virus in incoming messages before it can enter your inbox. For efficiently working, because spam appears on the Internet every hour, the antispam databases will also need update frequently. The antispam engine needs to be smart that can predict and prevent spam before it can harm your business email.

[div class=”reference”]If you are in trouble with spam, why not sign up the form below. I can set up a trial account for you. No credit card is required. You will have two weeks testing our antispam system. I will send you a report after each week, to see how many spams we can catch. [end-div]

Google has a good infrastructure for their email system. After acquiring Postini, they have applied its engine to Gmail. Their business customers now are also protected, however, with additional cost. If your business has multiple inboxes, that can cost quite a lot per month. So, using Google solution or not?

Different than Google, we filter spam based on domain name. You can have only ten or 100 email accounts on one domain, don’t need to worry about the cost increasing. Interested yet? Have your domain name protected now.

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