What is CDN

CDN, in short, stands for a content distribution network. It is a group of servers, located in multiple locations over the world. When end-users connect to a website, they can access to the closest server geographically with the shortest path. By that way, they can receive content quicker.

Why should you use CDN?

KeyCDN has created an excellent infographic, so I don’t go into details more. Of course, if you are still confused, drop me an email anytime with your question, I will try to answer.

cdn infographic

Prices for using CDN.

There are different CDN providers over the world, such as KeyCDN, MaxCDN, InterNAP, Akamai, Amazon CloudFront, etc. Prices are different. OsloNAP co-operates with CDN77, one of the largest CDN vendors. And the good news is that we include CDN in most of our subscription plans for free. Customers don’t need to pay extra for this amazing technology.

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