Hosted antispam effect

We have just got a new client coming on board, utilizing our hosted antispam clusters. When I started talking with them, they faced to big trouble with their  email system. Lot of spam was coming in, with virus of course. That made their staff annoyed and could not focus on daily work. The manager tried to work with their old email hosting service provider. They did try to create new rules, filter with keywords. However, somehow it was not working effectively. Still much spam was going through. Until the day that the whole email system was delayed in 90 minutes…

A migrating schedule was quickly set. Due to the volume of messages they are using, we decided to migrate in weekend, to keep the risk minimal. It went through just fine. All messages have been moved to our new servers, MX records have been updated, and the new messages started appearing on our hosted antispam clusters.

oslonap - hosted antispam 3 days

After three days, the result is very positive. Nearly 10 thousand spam messages were blocked with the accuracy rate at 99.43%. Customer is happy. We are happy too 🙂

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